Joint Statement with Gartcosh Community Council

Gartcosh Tenants and Residents Association and Gartcosh Community Council have become increasingly concerned regarding the amount of development and the lack of amenities and infrastructure in our community.

Both organisations are aiming to work together in light of the imminent publication of the new local plan for our area.

Whilst we appreciate that not all tenants or residents are against development, both organisations feel a balance should be struck regarding appropriate development and phased amenities. Any community must have assets that address the needs of children, young and older people and those with disabilities and disabled. Those of us who are fit, healthy and independent can use public and private transport and can freely access the wider amenities of North Lanarkshire and Glasgow, but that is not the case for all groups.

Development should sit well within the character of the community, for example, we should have a sense of place, identity, heritage and community. North Lanarkshire Council has done little to encourage this.

The lack of amenities is shocking, there is concern over the number of developments, size and location of sites which leaves no land for amenities or limited amenities within housing estates which are managed, repaired and replaced by new residents management fees thus allowing the council to absolve themselves of responsibility. There is also no scope for our increasingly active community organisations to explore and acquire community asset transfer of land/ other assets as the majority has been utilised for residential developments.

Infrastructure has been an ongoing and escalating issue; our school has been unfit for purpose regarding appropriate accommodation. Staff and the parent council have done much to voice concern. A consultation process saw the council offer one site within a development which will be a construction site for some years. The council need to provide school places to meet a developers needs not the community. They have a budget to build the school, yet didn’t provide land purchase funds to allow consideration of other sites. Roads, air pollution, the amount of traffic are all visible and of mounting concern to the community and nearly all development sites result in traffic accumulating on the A752 with no clear plan to alleviate these problems.

Therefore you will appreciate both organisations have a lot to progress based on issues the community has raised. We will be focusing on ensuring the community know about the local plan, give assistance and information so that the community can respond and make their views heard. We will, of course, make the community aware of major planning applications and what material elements are of concern. We hope by working together we can give the community more robust information, ensuring both organisations offer a conduit that allows the community to respond to all of the major issues they identify and ensure elected representatives are aware of our views and represent us accordingly.