Local Plan

This consultation has now closed.

This is a call to everyone. Ask not what your community can do for you, ask what you can do for your community.

The local modified plan has been out for consultation and responses are accepted until 16:15 on the 5th of April. This was a local plan produced by North Lanarkshire Council for the whole of North Lanarkshire in 2012 and is the document that is the root of all the development taking place in our area. Gartcosh was designated as a community growth area in the plan which means we take the lion’s share of housing development.

The planning application by Persimmon has been released showing the development round the loch and Mount Ellen of 750 houses over 10 years. With another adjacent development of a further 750 houses at a later date.

We ask that you make a response to the local plan in the first instance as this may influence the planning application of Persimmon. The local plan and its associated documents is a large document and on top of this is the modified plan. GTRA has studied the modified plan and has a number of issues to highlight to the council.

It may seem a daunting task to read through and prepare your response. You may consider that your response may not be taken into consideration as it does not reference planning law or an item of material interest the council will consider.

GTRA is willing to formulate a response on your behalf which you can then forward to the council in response to the modified plan.

So, if you have concerns regarding:

  • Housing development.
  • Appropriate education provision, access accommodation of Gartcosh Primary.
  • Roads, traffic control, air pollution, safe routes to school.
  • Environmental impact.
  • The shaping of your place, character of your community, coalesce of communities.
  • The lack of community assets.

We would be happy to help you formulate a response. We will also be highlighting areas where you can assist in demanding elected representatives and Ministers assist in listening and take action on behalf of the community.

A lot is being taken up by Brexit and debate on a deal, no deal or bad deal. Make no mistake with what is happening in the whole to the country, you do not have to travel far if you live in North Lanarkshire to see there is no worse deal in the UK than what is being proposed for Gartcosh.

Development and the spirt and function of planning should be excellent, positive and be transformative to people’s lives, but what Gartcosh residents will be asked to live with and the end result for the community is unacceptable

The treatment by North Lanarkshire Council has been dismissive and appalling when community groups up and down the Northern Corridor have tried to convey the communities’ thought, ideas and concerns.


We ask that you consider responding to the modified plan in the first instance. You can download the Survey Response Form in MS Word or PDF formats.

Alternatively, GTRA will be happy to save you the time and effort of completing your response and can complete it on your behalf. If you wish us to do so please fill in the form below and we will complete your response and return it to you for submission.

Please also contact your local Councillors / MSP / MP.  For Gartcosh / Ward 6, details are here.

Thank you in advance for your interest.