Autumn 2018 Newsletter

The Association was set up in January 2018 to oppose the endless new housing developments in the area, particularly the planned large development at Heathfield Farm.

During this time much time was spent on the basic administration of setting up the Association, such as drawing up our Constitution, setting up a banking facility, membership, Facebook and webpage.

It was decided that the association would cover the areas of Gartcosh and Mount Ellen.

The committee, elected at the public meeting, keep in regular touch via a Slack app and hold minuted meetings at least once per month to discuss e.g. plans in NLC website, forthcoming consultations, meetings appropriate for attendance, responses to mail. It consists of a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and five others from throughout the area.

Various consultations have been attended by the committee, including:

  • The Primary School Consultation – whilst welcoming a new school, resulted in a long response outlining concerns re. the proposed site, being sent.
  • Construction Companies e.g. Persimmon, Lovell. Consultation events attended and individual responses made as appropriate.
  • University Hospital Monklands – written responses completed. We are meeting with NHS Lanarkshire on September 26. Re. questions raised at Consultation.

The Chairperson was invited to meet and speak at the Community Council in June as the committee feels it is important that links are established with Gartcosh Community Council and indeed all community groups in Gartcosh and the wider Northern Corridor area.

Committee member, C. McGinty, became a co-opted member of Gartcosh Community Council.

The Association has been represented, wherever possible, at Local Area Planning (L.A.P.) Meetings and the full committee attended a Presentation by NLC Planning Dept. in Cumbernauld.  A very informative meeting with the full committee was held with a representative from Planning Aid (Scotland) re. the planning process.

Membership drives were held during two weekends in June. Unfortunately, they were poorly attended and current applications tend to be completed online.  Our Facebook page proves to be popular as a means of sharing on-going problem areas within the village and forthcoming events/meetings.  Recurring problems raised by residents have been passed to local councillors, MSPs, local authority etc or residents advised of appropriate contact.


To become a member, please visit our sign up page