Village Square announcement

Gartcosh Tenants and Residents Association was successful in being able to secure a grant to upgrade council land around the community hall. We had wanted to wait until the council design team had completed the plan and hold a viewing of the project. However, some social media comments have been so far removed from the proposal and project, we have decided to release some information regarding the project to stop incorrect information gaining further traction.

All community groups were invited to put forward a project for consideration. No other group did. The project was born out of a community survey and what met the council criteria. We would like to confirm the project does not involve taking down trees to make way for the project, there is no bandstand in the scheme and it is not proposed to create a concrete jungle. We ask that you read the proposal below and read the community survey results and the “B” projects identified within the survey. We look forward to residents viewing the presentation of the plans when they are available.