Covid-19 Assistance

As time goes by, more people will be tested for Covid-19 or become exposed and may need to self isolate along with the vulnerable, or have some economic difficulties.

As we also edge to the end of the month some families may have used savings or spare cash and may now need more practical support.

You may also know someone in any of the situations above. The GTRA has set up a help line, and a number of residents have volunteered to deliver to any of the above groups. Everyone needing assistance should however in the first instance contact the help line – 07939 280041

If you are self isolating and need basic essentials and can make a card payment, you will be given a second helpline number. The grocery shop on Old Gartloch Road will then make up your order and a volunteer will pick up your essentials and deliver them to you from the shop. They will chap the door and leave them on the doorstep.

If you are suffering some economic difficulties, the main helpline will take your details. Food bank parcels will be delivered to the village and volunteers will deliver them to you in the manner described above.

We want to make sure nobody will go hungry or suffer unnecessarily in this difficult time so are providing two lines of assistance. Can we say there is no social stigma attached to requiring the use of a food bank. These are unprecedented times and many households have been left in a situation you could never imagine. The important thing is that each household has enough supplies to maintain social distancing and ensure we make this lockdown as short as possible.

This is a community team effort. The GTRA would like to thank the Gartcosh volunteers, Nadeem in the local shop and Councillor Greg Lennon, who is coordinating any food bank supplies and deliveries to the village.

Finally, keep safe, maintain social distancing and look out for each other.

Any and all enquires and assistance held in the strictest confidence.